RTH Scientific Services

Manuka Honey Analysis



RTH has recently been accepted as an Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) approved laboratory for the analysis of Manuka honey (click on logo below to visit AMHA site).

RTH is a participant in Global Proficiency’s HoneyChek program to ensure ongoing independent test verification (click on logo below to visit HoneyChek site).

Our current tests are listed below. Please contact us to discuss your specific analytical needs.

  • Dihydroxyacetone (UPLC-UV)

  • Methylglyoxal (UPLC-UV)

  • Hydroxymethylfurfural (UPLC-UV)

  • Sugars (UPLC-RID)

  • Antibiotic and pesticide residues (UPLC-MS)

  • Heavy metals

  • Colour

  • Moisture

  • Brix

  • Conductivity